Suspension Repair Duarte

Suspension Repair DuarteGet a smoother, more comfortable ride with suspension repair at our Duarte garage. If every pothole you encounter has you shaken up, it could be time for new shocks and struts. Alex Romo Auto has everything you need to get your car riding tighter and with less jostling. With a full team of certified technicians and dependable auto repair service, our auto repair shop is the place to go for all your vehicle needs.

There are a few key signs your suspension needs some work, including:

  • Fluid leakage out of shock or strut body
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle leans on turns
  • Excessive bouncing after bumps
  • Stiff steering
  • Bumpy, rough ride

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these issues, bring it on over to Duarte and let us see if suspension repair could help. You may be surprised what you’ve gotten used to after driving on bad shocks and struts for a long time. It may feel like you’re driving a brand new vehicle!

Don’t wait until it’s too late and your car or truck requires more expensive repair work. Bring your car in today and have it checked out by our professional and friendly staff. We pride ourselves on honest and dependable service, and you’ll leave our shop confident in our repairs. For suspension repair, oil changes, brake repair, tune-ups, engine and transmission work and more, our shop in Duarte is ready for your car or truck. Call us at 626-357-2631 to ask us about our other services or to schedule your appointment.

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