Chevy Repair Duarte CA

Detail of a mechanic at work on car engine

For top notch Chevy repair in Duarte, CA, come to Alex Romo Auto & Truck Repair for a quality experience and a job done right. We offer a wide variety of Chevrolet repair, including AC repair, suspension repair, electrical work, diesel repair, brake repair, finding the cause of your ‘check engine’ light, oil change, general tune-ups, timing belt replacement, and more. Our certified technicians will go above and beyond to understand exactly what is happening with your Chevy and fix it in a timely and affordable fashion every time.

Auto Repair you can count on!

Keeping up with your Chevy service is important for many reasons. Not only does a well-maintained truck run for a longer time, but it also runs more smoothly and is less likely to acquire major damage from untreated issues. At Alex Romo Auto & Truck Repair, we have the most advanced diagnostic tools available in order to properly identify any issues or problems your automotive may have. This allows us to fix the issue correctly on the first try, leaving no need for a second opinion on your Chevy repair in Duarte, CA.

We have been a family owned and operated business since 1968, and constantly strive to bring you only the very best results in both repair and courteous customer service. The team at Alex Romo Auto & Truck Repair work hard to be a leading example in the automotive repair community, and are proud to serve locally. We guarantee quality and are eager to get to know you and your vehicle! Call or come in to schedule your Chevrolet repair today!

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